Shaping Life Sciences Policy in the real world

At Kinapse, we understand that innovation thrives when stakeholders collaborate. Life sciences R&D and health services provision can only benefit as a result. As well as with manufacturers, Kinapse works with many stakeholders in governments, health authorities, academia, life sciences industry associations, and a range of service providers. We aim to catalyse positive change which improves healthcare systems’ ability to bring new therapeutics, services and delivery models to the patients who most need them.

Improving access to innovative medicines and services. Our insights help to shape innovative R&D, achieve value for money and support the improvement of public health. We are committed to bringing independent, visionary perspectives and practical advice to our clients who want to innovate in a risk-averse environment.

Moving into the real world. We know that all stakeholders from politicians to the populations they serve need healthcare and R&D solutions that will work in the real world. Drugs, diagnostics, devices and services need to be tested and validated in the real world. Affordability, benefit, risk, value for money all need to be thoroughly and efficiently assessed.

Putting patients’ needs at the centre of service delivery. While being ‘patient-centric’ is becoming a near-universal aspiration, we are working at the cutting edge of what this means in practice. Kinapse’s unique experiences of working in healthcare purchasing and delivery, and with patient groups, helps us to see the health and illness experience through the eyes of patients and practitioners.

Our Life Sciences Policy services include:

  • Patient-centric visioning and service delivery
  • Evaluating real world evidence strategies
  • Guiding government policy decisions
  • New drug development and service delivery models
  • Improving government-industry relations
  • Academic-industry collaborations establishment and evaluation
  • Implementation support to multi-stakeholder initiatives.

We are all patients or relatives of patients. Join us in the real world.


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