Kinapse Patient Insights services use proprietary natural language processing technology and dedicated life sciences consultants to:

  • Rapidly access and collate verbatim perspectives from patients, carers and HCPs around the world

  • Accurately identify and categorize unstructured textual phrases from thousands of relevant individuals

  • Expertly analyse the results to deliver robust and reproducible insights into patient perspectives on disease states, functional impairments, co-morbidities, patient pathways including diagnosis and care experiences, switching and healthcare utilisation, treatment outcomes and adverse events

Data aggregation and structuring process. Example from a single patient narrative.

Top 5 Pharma and innovative Biotech HEOR, Market Access and RWE executives have engaged Kinapse Patient Insights services to:

  • Identify symptoms inadequately treated by the standard of care but vitally important to patients and their quality of life

  • Select from an array of possible instruments the patient reported outcome (PRO) measure most relevant to sufferers of the selected condition

  • Improve decision-making on traditional value evidence generation investment

Methodology for insights generation and PRO evaluation

Kinapse Patient Insights services provide:

  • Deeper and more robust insights drawn from a broad variety of internal and external data sources, than "social media only" alternatives

  • An ability to rapidly uncover the patient perspective, drawn from a larger population that is less prone to bias than traditional patient surveys and focus groups

  • An offering specifically tailored to and proven in life sciences research and value evidence generation, unlike unproven, more generalist technologies

PRO instruments evaluated based on ability to capture the SPEC-R concepts

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