Kinapse Webinar

Successful delivery of outsourced studies is driven by the strength of the relationship between the CRO and the sponsor. However, effective management of outsourcing partners is one of the biggest challenges pharma and biotech companies currently face. Where should companies focus their efforts to address this challenge?

Kinapse brought together four experienced CRO and pharmaceutical executives to share and discuss insights in this area. By listening to this webinar you will hear how:

  • GSK expects to increase its ROI in R&D through strategic partnering and the importance of remaining focussed on delivery of the portfolio of studies while a partnership evolves
  • Bayer encourages a win:win situation between themselves and their partner CRO to achieve mutual value and how they expect to learn innovative approaches from their partner
  • PPD establishes cohesive, collaborative teams within the framework of a strategic partnership
  • Kinapse recognizes how important it is to ensure strong buy-in to the concept of outsourcing within the client and how we ensure an effective transition from an in-house to an outsourced model.

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